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Who we are...

Our diverse team includes licensing veterans, research and archive professionals, media producers, filmmakers, and career creatives with a background in television broadcast, non-fiction and documentary production, and narrative filmmaking.

Together, the CNN Collection team specializes in helping fiction and non-fiction storytellers -- in every medium -- establish and frame their narrative with footage that spans from the early 1980s to today’s biggest global and local news coverage.

We do a lot of listening, ask the right questions, thoroughly research our vast collection for that perfect clip, and present different, oftentimes very creative, footage options to fit the client’s story. This collaborative experience is why clients call us first when starting a new project. Oh, and they write lots of thank-you letters and nominate us for industry awards.

For many years, our clients have expanded their production capabilities and enjoyed efficiencies by tapping into our wealth of talent, our massive footage collection, and our state-of-the-art post-production facilities. When it comes to “the art of storytelling,” we are your production partners.

‘CNN Collection’ clients include major and independent film and multimedia production companies. The ‘CNN Collection’ can often be seen in feature films, television shows, museums, educational materials, music videos, advertising commercials, and other public outlets. In addition to servicing major clients, is a full-featured e-commerce platform that allows marketers, bloggers, and the general consumer to quickly search, preview and purchase stock footage with just a credit card.

A large portion of the ‘CNN Collection’ library is digitized and available in High Definition (HD) with the remaining library available in archival quality via digital delivery.

Contact us today and tell about your footage needs. You’ll be delighted with the experience.